Taski Swingo 450E 17″ Mains Operator Scrubber Dryer

2,665.00 ex.Vat | 3,224.65 inc.VAT

Compact mains powered automatic scrubber drier

TASKI swingo 450 E brings you:

* Unbeatable Cleaning Performance
* Simplicity and Ergonomy
* Easy Maintenance
* Versatility in Application

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Product Description

Performance Winning is all about performance and the TASKI swingo 450 has it all. Great results are achieved through the brush following the floor’s profile and this combined with a u-shaped squeegee and direct suction set-up ensure all dirt is removed from the floor. Performance is also about pace and the TASKI swingo 450 is incredibly easy to handle due to its dual-axle system. Easy Maintenance Colour coded yellow maintenance points mean easy training and reduced downtime. The incorporation of an easy to remove recovery tank makes the 450 simple to use and to keep clean. Fewer parts to maintain and easy accessibility make the machine extremely service friendly. Simplicity and Ergonomy Keeping things simple and comfortable makes life easier and the TASKI swingo 450 can help. With its intuitive controls, operator training is reduced to a minimum. The incorporation of a proven and ergonomically designed handle and dual-axle system ensure that the machine is comfortable to use and easy to control, thus reducing operator fatigue. Versatility in Application Due to its compact size and simplicity, it can be used in a wide variety of application areas. It is truly versatile for use in all types of small or congested hard floor areas such as retail stores, kitchens, schools and hospitals. Technical Data Theoretical performance 1290 m/h Working width 43 cm Squeegee width 68 cm Solution tank (nominal) 20 l Recovery tank (nominal) 20 l Nominal consumption 1500 W Rated voltage 230-240 / 50 Hz Machine weight ready for use 92 kg Dimensions (L x W x H) (machine only) 1050x480x785 mm Brush pressure 24 kg Cable length 25 m Sound level 69 dB(A) Splash water protection IPX4 Approvals TV, VE