Taski Sprint Multiuso SmartDose 1.4L

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Super Concentrated Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

SmartDose is an innovative dosing platform for super concentrate daily cleaners and disinfectants setting a new industry benchmark of accuracy, simplicity and safety for the users without the need for a connected water supply.

The Smart pump technology is very practical and uses icon based instructions. This makes it possible to vary shot sizes for any of the different cleaning methods including spray cleaning, bucket cleaning or scrubber driers, but requires minimal user training or measuring. And being a closed system, it provides the maximum level of safety and cost control.

SmartDose also dramatically reduces the environmental footprint of all it’s users. All daily formulations are EU-Flower certified and as platform for super concentrates, it by definition offers packaging, chemical, storage as well as transport benefits versus standard platforms.

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Product Description

Just twist the SmartDose dosing head to select the correct setting. Pull it up, push it down and add the product to a water-filled 750ml spray bottle or to your bucket or sink, and you are ready to clean with the correct amount of product. No guesswork, no overdosing. Always reliable and consistant results!

How to Use

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Benefits of Smart Dose:

1. Simpler

SmartDose creates simplicity and convenience for customers. Icon driven instructions remove language barriers as they are designed to be easily understood, reducing the need for extensive training. There is no measuring, just a simple 1 shot per container size. The system is maintenance free and is very quick to set up as there is no installation, water connection or servicing required. Smart Dose also offers a convenient daily cleaning system with minimum products, which are suitable for multiple applications.

2. Safer:

SmartDose is a system which maximises safety for customers. The fixed head prevents access to the bottle content reducing the possibility of contact with neat chemical. The system is hard to overdose which would result in a solution which could be dangerous in use for employees or surfaces. Smart Dose is not refillable so can not be filled inappropriately with products that do not match the labelling. The leak and spill proof curved spout ensures that there are no drips of neat chemical onto surfaces after dosage into container. In addition all RTU solutions diluted from SmartDose are non-classified.

3. Smarter:

The Smart Dose system guarantees customers consistent quality and control of their costs. The Smarthead does not need any measuring and meaning accurate dosage is not dependent on the user which limits the possibility of either over or under dosing when compared to traditional methods. The unique ratcheted system avoids partial doses and therefore offers maximum precision for the dose required by the application. As Smart Dose is a closed head system, access to the pure concentrated chemical inside the bottle is not possible. The automatic measurement delivers consistent doses per application, guaranteeing consistent cleaning results every time for customers.

In addition to these benefits Smart Dose also keeps Diversey’s commitment to sustainability.

4. Sustainable

The Smart Dose system is sustainable through out it’s product lifecycle. The SmartDose bottle is 100% recyclable and contains 25% of post consumer plastic materials. The combination of super concentrated chemicals with the SmartDose system results in a reduction of pack material consumption of up to 97% vs. RTU systems. As water is added at site rather than at point of manufacture, the number of vehicles used to transport the system, the storage space and amount of plastic are all reduced. All products are compliant EU detergent regulation, EC648/2004 and all 3 daily Building Care cleaners are certified with the EU-Flower ecolabel, DK/20/6

Where to use it

Smart Dose is designed for small to medium sites where a simple, safe and sustainable solution is required for cleaning.