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Prodiflore 3D Persistent 1 Litre (23 Perfume Varieties)

9.90 ex.Vat | 11.98 inc.VAT

Detergent, disinfectant, persistent air freshener.

Prodifa has created this brand new range of premium perfumed floor cleaners for your indoor areas

These professional neutral detergents can clean any type of floor and washable surface including the floors that are protected by an emulsion. The Prodiflore products don’t need to be rinsed in any type of application area: hospitals, nursing homes, schools, city councils, cafés, hotels, restaurants, industrial areas. They can be used manually or with an autoscrubber. Their dilution in water is from 0.5 to 2% according to the degree of spotting.

Comes in a range of 23 perfumes to choose from – see additional images for more details on each scent.

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Product Description

A complete range of fruity, flowery and wooded premium perfumes for clean and customized floors ! All the floor cleaner perfumes are available in the range of surodorants to make each atmosphere last even longer! Comes in the following perfumes, please see additional images for more details on each scent: Carissima – Peach/Raspberry, Davania – Lemon/Lavender, Eau Essentielle – Bergamote/Lemon/Orange, Red Fruits, Vanilla, Floral, Violet, Peach Tree Flower, Pine Of The Vosges, Grapefruit, Cocktail, Lavender, Orchid, Green Lime, Freshness, Lily Of The Valley, Ocean Breeze, Strawberry, Poppy, Lily, Pear, Raspberry, Mimosa The Olfactory Trilogy Top note : It is the first perfume that appears. It is made of elements which are generally fresh and intense. It is the most transient note. It only lasts a few hours. Heart note : The heart note is less significant and replaces the top note when it is fading away. It will be present much longer. Its role is to make the top note last longer while bringing out the warmth of the base note. Base note : It is the most persistent fragrance which can last a few days and will give a perfume its personality. – Bactericide in accordance with the standard EN 1276. – Yeasticidal in accordance with the standard EN 1275

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Carissima – Peach/Raspberry, Cocktail, Davania – Lemon/Lavender, Eau Essentielle – Bergamote/Lemon/Orange, Floral, Floral, Freshness, Grapefruit, Green Lime, Lavender, Lily, Lily Of The Valley, Mimosa, Ocean Breeze, Orchid, Peach Tree Flower, Pear, Pine Of The Vosges, Poppy, Raspberry, Red Fruits, Strawberry, Vanilla, Violet