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99point9 with Intelligent Mist Technology™ – the world’s first patented automatic door handle disinfectant device

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Automatically kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

The 99point9 with Intelligent Mist Technology™ is the world’s only device that disinfects the whole door handle and keeps working even when dry.

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Product Description

Door Sanitiser

The 99point9 with Intelligent Mist Technology™

An automatic device that sprays the handle with a fast-drying mist cloud at regular intervals.
Formula. Isopropanol and Quaternary Ammonium-based disinfectant, works when dry for extended kill time

Aerosolized to create a fine mist, one-click replacement and fully recyclable

Solenoid valve
Sprays precise dosage and pattern, suiting any type of door handle – lever, knob or bar

Quick to mount, no tools required

Hand sensor
Makes sure it never sprays directly onto the hand

LCD Display
Indicator of battery and formula levels so its clear when it’s time to change

Ambient light sensor
Powers down when the lights are off

Setting switches
Flexible programming to suit traffic flow and hours

Constantly kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on the handle Maintains a strong cycle of healthy hygiene

Healthy hygiene practices have come a long way in recent months, but frequently touched door handles are still a weak link that threatens to ruin all that hard work. The 99point9 with Intelligent Mist Technology™ allows you to take control of door handle hygiene and eliminate the threat of cross-contamination*.

Give your employees and customers the peace of mind that with the 99point9, you’ve got it covered.

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