Concentralia® with EcofoamSystem® Pro Neutral 5D Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner

Concentralia® with EcofoamSystem® Pro Neutral 5D Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner

19.47 ex.Vat | 23.95 inc.VAT

Super concentrate for cleaning all waterproof floors with an intensely fresh fragrance,
it does not leave streaks, without rinsing.

The highest performance available on the market only 5 pushes per bucket of water.
Ideal for floors made of wood, vinyl, ceramics, stone, terrazzo, stoneware, terracotta, architectural concrete …

Innovative economical packaging 1 bottle lasts for 460 buckets of ready-made working solution

The use of Concentralia Ecofoam cleaning agents eliminates the need for assembly of stationary dispensing systems. The bottle head properly dilutes the concentrate with water, which gives us control over the use concentration.

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Product Description

Maximum savings thanks to innovative packaging


The bottle consists of two tanks, one containing concentrate and the other for water. The bottle has 460 buckets of ready-made working solution.

How does Concentralia® work?


After filling the bottle with tap water, the product is ready for use.
The dosing consists of five spouts from a bottle into a bucket of water 8-10 L.
Clean with a mop or cloth.


In the case of traditional packaging with chemical products, it is not possible to precisely control the place and method of use of the preparation by cleaning staff. Concentralia Ecofoam has full control over the use concentration, the bottle head dilutes the concentrate with water appropriately, preventing the use of incorrect concentration, while preventing the spraying of the preparation if the tank runs out of water. Bottle design prevents access to the concentrate cartridge.
The use of these products eliminates the need for assembly of stationary dispensing systems.

Ecofoam System® and the environment

Packaging Concentralia Ecofoam has won the international World Star Awards Presentations & Gala Dinner competition organized by the World Packaging Organization for the best quality and innovative packaging that has a positive impact on the environment. Concentralia Ecofoam have been hailed as a product of the future.

With traditional chemicals, we dispose of the plastic packaging as soon as it is used. Concentralia Ecofoam does not dispose of the packaging until after 48 fillings, which reduces the consumption of plastics, reduces CO2 emissions and is 100% recyclable.