Avmor Adora - Lotion Hand Soap

Avmor Adora – Lotion Hand Soap

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ADORA is a blend of mild cleaning agents and rich emollients, specifically formulated for gentle hand washing and to prevent dry skin, leaving behind a touch of fragrance. Pink lotion.
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Product Description

Adora is a blend of carefully selected cleaners and emollients, specifically formulated for hand cleaning without removing the natural skin oils protecting the epedermis. This gentle lotion hand soap has the same pH as your skin and only a few drops will provide thick and luxurious suds that lift away dirt and grime leaving your hands clean, fresh and velvet-smooth. Adora can be used in Industrial Plants, Schools, Hotels, Food Plants, Service Stations, Offices, Restaurants, Kitchens and Washroom Facilities. Adora is effective in hard or soft water. Use direction: * Wet hands and forearms. * Apply the lotion to the skin. * Wash and rub briskly for one minute then rinse thoroughly with water.